Nail and cuticle scissors, stainless steel - Zwilling TWINOX M

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Product description

Premium nail and cuticle scissors with gently curved blades and fine tips for precise cutting, black colour, produced by Zwilling TWINOX M.

This premium nail and cuticle scissor combines two functions in one product. Thanks to the sharp, slightly curved blades and fine tips, nails and cuticles can be cut perfectly with one product. With its compact size, this practical scissor fits perfectly in your hand. High-quality, durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a luxurious satin finish guarantees a long service life.

How to use
Soak hands in warm water with lotion or soap for a few minutes. When dry, nails are ready for manicure. Cut nails to desired length and shape. Remove the cuticle if necessary. While cutting, the scissors should be held at a slight angle so that the lower blade cutting under the nail is visible. After use, clean the scissors with a dry cloth.

Cut only toenails, fingernails and cuticles with this scissor. Protect the scissors from moisture and clean them after use. Add a drop of oil from time to time to make sure it works reliably for many years.

Care tip: Avoid using care lotions before using the scissors. Many cosmetic lotions contain aggressive substances that react with metal and can stain the surface.

Code 47200401
Brand Zwilling
Category Manicure
Range Zwilling TWINOX M
Product type Nail scissors
Dimensions (mm) 90
Material Stainless steel
Type of holder No
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews