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Cooking enthusiasts loyalty program

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It's like some sort of… magic! 3% of the value of each purchase is converted into loyalty points, which become discounts or possible free purchases on your next orders.

Sometimes points are tripled and you get 9% off the value of a purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer the accumulated points to another customer?

No, the points cannot be transferred to another user or exchanged for cash.

How do I calculate the value of points in cash?

500 points = 1 euro.

What is the period of validity for the points I have accumulated?

Points are valid for 12 months from the date they are accumulated. Points accumulated and unused for more than 12 months will be automatically cancelled from any loyalty card from KitchenShop.

Can I spend only a part of my loyalty points, or do I have to use them all?

The accumulated points must be spent in full on a single purchase. If the value of the purchase is less than the value of the accumulated points, the difference in points can be used on a future purchase.

If I make a purchase online, do I still get free shipping?

Loyalty card holders who make purchases online will still benefit from the free shipping of their order if the order value is equal to or higher than the limit set in the KitchenShop offer.

If I want to return the products I bought, do I get my loyalty points back?

If you wish to return products that you have paid for in full or in part with loyalty points, you will automatically receive back the points spent on those products and, if applicable, you will receive the difference in the form of money.

The campaign rules can be read here