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Product description

Steam cooking is healthy and efficient, but many devices that use this technology are unstable and their use may seem unsafe. The steam cooking adjustable basket, from stainless steel, Oxo brand, has telescoping handle, which can be locked, allowing you to use the basket confidently. The handle is also provided with slots for utensils useful to insert fork or tongs to safely lift the hot basket.

The 28-cm diameter basket lifts foods above the water, and its curved shape prevents the kitchen cookware from scratching. The feet of the container can be folded allowing its compact storing. To cook, tighten the handle so that it fits under the lid or remove it completely to have total access to the basket surface – this option is perfect to steam cook various larger foods, such as fish, whole cauliflower or dumplings.

The steam cooking basket is suitable for cookware with a minimum diameter of 20 cm. You can use one of the following cookware: cocotte, multicooker, cast iron pot or pressure cooker.

The stainless steel basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is corrosion resistant.

Code 1067247
Brand OXO
Category Steam cooking
Range For preparing food, OXO
Diameter (cm) 28
Material Stainless steel
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