10 cm Ethos Smoky bowl - Porland

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Product description

Ethos Smoky bowl, diameter 10 cm, manufactured from porcelain, Porland brand.

Capacity: 95 ml.

The Smoky collection creates a special effect thanks to its texture and grey-bluish colors. This collection, which is reminiscent of natural stone, will bring a different style to your meals.

Cleaning instructions: The product can be cleaned in the dishwasher and can be used in classic oven and in the microwave.

Porland has created the series of products with reactive glaze, involving in an innovative approach aiming at providing a clean and healthy environment for future generations. The products with reactive glaze are manufactured by a special environmental-friendly method. Decalcomania (transfer decorative technique) is an ecological method, that reduces the emissions of applied solutions and natural gas consumption required for printing.

Products in the Reactive Glaze range have a glaze and a special print comprising different colors and textures, being durable and qualitative. The products also give higher quality in terms of durability of prints. 

Code 04ALM004469
Brand Porland
Category Mini-bowls and cookware for serving
Range Ethos Smoky
Diameter (cm) 10
Capacity 0.09 L
Material Porcelain
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews