6-piece beer glass set, crystal glass, 405ml, "Basic Bar Motion" - Schott Zwiesel

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Product description
6-pcs beer glass set, manufactured in Germany using "Tritan" technology, made of crystal glass, Schott Zwiesel brand 

- capacity 405 ml;
- diameter 76.5 mm (refers to the largest outer diameter);
- height 178 mm.

The Pilsner glass with stem and effervescence point, from the Beer Basic range has the right shape, for you to be able to enjoy more foam.

Zwiesel Kristallglas set a new standard for drinking glasses made of crystal glass by developing the Tritan technology, an internationally patented technology.

Tritan technology is net superior to traditional methods of manufacturing drinking glasses made of crystal glass in terms of both chemical composition and manufacturing process. Titanium is used as the main chemical element, instead of lead (the main material used in producing regular crystal glass drinking glasses). Finishing is done by LASER technology, which levels the drinking glass rim and removes imperfections, thus, improving the relishing of drink flavor.

This technology gives the crystal glass produced by Zwiesel Kristallglas very high mechanical resistance, resistance to scratches, great clarity and also allows for the product to be cleaned in the dishwasher. These strengths are very much appreciated by more than 3000 hotels, restaurants and bars around the world.

Code 115273
Brand Schott Zwiesel
Category Drinking glasses
Range Basic Bar Motion
No. pieces 6
Capacity 0.4 L
Material Glass
Type Beer glass
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews