6-piece Sauvignon Blanc glass set, crystalline glass, 402ml, "Classics Select" - Schott Zwiesel

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Product description

6-piece Sauvignon Blanc glass set, handmade products manufactured in Germany, made of crystalline glass using "Tritan" technology, Schott Zwiesel brand

- capacity 402 ml;
- diameter 81 mm (refers to the largest outer diameter);
- height 230 mm.

Wine Classics Select: harmony and perfection
The exclusive, handmade drinking glasses from the Classics Select series create a perfect symbiosis of harmonious lines, fine elegance and unforgettable aromas. They feature thin bowl walls, being as light as a feather. The hand-blown drinking glasses from the WINE CLASSICS SELECT series support the typical character of different types of wine and champagne. In addition, the special DROP PROTECT finish prevents the development of droplets and stains on the delicate surface of the wine glasses.

Zwiesel Kristallglas set a new standard for drinking glasses made of crystalline glass when it developed the Tritan technology, an internationally patented technology.

Tritan technology is clearly superior to the traditional methods of manufacturing drinking glasses made of crystalline glass, both in terms of chemical composition and the production process. Titanium is used as the main chemical element, instead of lead (the main substance used in ordinary crystalline glass). For finishing, a LASER technology is used that levels the brim of the drinking glass and removes imperfections, being of great help in improving the shape, which in turn enhances the relishing of drink flavors.

Through this technology, the crystalline glass produced by Zwiesel Kristallglas has a very high mechanical resistance, scratch resistance and a special clarity.

Handmade Schott Zwiesel wine glasses
The perfect interaction between wood, glass and fire - this is all that Schott Zwiesel glassmakers need to create unique, handcrafted products.
Since 1872, Schott Zwiesel glassmakers have worked closely as a team, each of them adding their individual character and expertise to unique glass products.

Zwiesel Glas - The art of getting the perfect note
The Zwiesel Glas glassware factory, founded in 1872, is deeply rooted in the traditional glass manufacturing trade of the Bavarian Forest. Zwiesel Glas turns every moment into a special occasion - at the table, at home, or in restaurants, regardless of whether you are alone or in the company of other people. The special Zwiesel note plays an important role – the sound of Zwiesel's wine glasses made of Tritan® crystalline glass is unlike any other and has become a unique characteristic of the brand.
In addition to the premium hand-made products, which are unmatched by the qualitative manufacturing process, the assortment includes selected machine-made series, which stand out for their unique design and excellent product value. Design collaborations with sommeliers, winemakers and top international chefs complement the high standards and the uniqueness of the Zwiesel Glas product range.

Code 120483
Brand Schott Zwiesel
Category Drinking glasses
Range Classics Select
No. pieces 6
Capacity 0.4 L
Material Glass
Type White wine
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