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Product description

Nowadays, blenders are versatile kitchen tools which, not only allow you to prepare smoothies with excellent taste, but also to chop walnuts, to prepare vegetable purees, soups, rice flour and much more.

blender KitchenAid

When the going gets tough 

This KitchenAid blender has been designed to tackle walnuts, fine seeds, ginger root, dense fruit and green leafy vegetables like kale, blending them down to the finest consistency for your creations. This excellent blending performance gives you wonderfully uniform results, with a balanced taste.

Suits your healthy lifestyle

Smoothie, energy juice or soup? We have thought of all the ways you might want to use your blender and created a number of optional attachments (available separately). Take a smoothie for snack in a personal bottle or keep  a little mixture of fresh baby food or a sauce, in the fridge. See what works for you. 

blender KitchenAid
blender KitchenAid

Blend all day, every day

Use the sturdy K400 blender every day, as many times as you like - from green breakfast smoothies to soups, cold sauces, walnut butter and fine purees to serve with your evening meal. The appliance has a sturdy die-cast metal base, a die-cast metal knob and a specially-designed 3-part blending system. 

Less clutter with your blender

The K400 blender has a "slow start" function that starts the engine at a low speed to fold the ingredients and then increases quickly to avoid splashing. When you have finished, you can use the self-cleaning cycle. Fill your blender container with some water and a drop of dishwashing detergent, then run the self-clean cycle. The container and lid can be washed in the dishwasher for your convenience. 

blender KitchenAid
blender KitchenAid

Packed with personality

Revitalize your kitchen colors with a new, brightly colored and rejuvenating look. You can choose a stylish K400 blender to suit your style, home interior or even your mixer provided with stand, of the same colour. 


Colors to inspire you

Be unique or find colorful kitchen ideas to inspire you. The K400 blender is available in beautiful shades to match your style, your home or your mixer provided with stand, from Ink Blue to Pebbled Palm and Cast Iron Black.

Stable metal structure

With a die-cast metal base and a control knob, this blender is built to last. It's heavy, sturdy and ready for any recipes you may dream up. The appliance is very solid and has a 5-year warranty for your convenience.

Open up possibilities

The optional accessories of the K400 blender (sold separately) for any needs and routine adapt to your lifestyle: personal container of 500 ml, container for small quantities in the refrigerator or citrus juicer.

Sistem 3 parti

Tackle tough ingredients

Feel confident using tough ingredients like almonds, chia seeds, ice, ginger root or nutritious, fibrous and leafy vegetables. They will be transformed into smooth, even textures resulting in perfectly balanced flavours. 

3-part blender system

Create smooth blends every time. Three aspects combine in the 3-part system: the unique asymmetric blade, ribbed container and versatile Intelli-Speed motor which senses the contents to maintain optimal speed.

Feel in control

Get the precise taste and texture you imagine with the intuitive control button: 5 speeds, a Pulse option and 3 useful preset programs: ice crushing, ice drinks, smoothie and a self-cleaning cycle.

What's in the box?

Graded container, 1.4 l, made of transparent glass

Removable lid and measuring  cup (60 ml)

Compatible accessories (not included)

Container provided with blades, for K400 blender, 0.5 l

Set of 2 containers provided with blades, for K400 blender, 0.2 L 

0.2 L container for K400 Blender 

Citrus press for K400 and K150 blenders, 1 L

1.6 L plastic container for K400 Blender 

0.5 L container for K400 blender 

Pusher for K400 blender, made of rubber and BPA-free plastic 


Rated voltage: 220-240, 50/60 Hz;
Power: 1200W;
5 speed levels plus Pulse function;
3 pre-programmed functions and 1 self-cleaning function;
Maximum rotation speed: 16000/min;
Minimum rotation speed: 600/min;
Glass container capacity: 1.4 l;
Type of speed control: electronic;
Stainless steel blades with a thickness of 3 mm;
Power cord length: 91 cm;
Blender dimensions (height x length x width): 40.1 x 19.28 x 22.91 cm;
Blender weight: 6.62 Kg;

Code 5KSB4026EIB
Brand KitchenAid
Category Stand blenders
Range Model K400
Capacity 1.4 L
Power 1200 W
Warranty 5 years
Colour Ink Blue
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