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Product description

Blender Nutribullet Pro, 900 W power, 1 speed, with 2 graduated cups of 0.9 l and 0.7 l, Gold colour.

Nutribullet® Pro takes smoothie making to another level. With its powerful 900 W motor, nutrient extraction becomes much more efficient.

The sharp Nutribullet® blades effortlessly blend vegetables, fruits, liquids, nuts, ice, and many other ingredients, resulting in nutritious preparations containing essential nutrients for the body.

Nutribullet Pro is designed for a wide variety of delicious preparations. Make creamy sauces, refreshing smoothies, delicious purées, and festive cocktails with a single blender.

Compact and modern, Nutribullet Pro enhances the taste of any type of preparation, according to individual preferences. Its unique design makes the blender suitable for all kitchens, occupying very little space.

Nutribullet Pro mashes, grinds, chops, and mixes any food, regardless of its texture. The blender's versatility is highlighted by the 2 graduated cups with different capacities and 3 easy-to-use accessories (simple ring, handle ring, transport lid).

Powerful Motor

The powerful 900 W motor of the Nutribullet Pro blender transforms any food, from soft fruits to hard-textured ingredients like nuts, into a smooth and delicious blend. Add ice for refreshing and creamy homemade smoothies.

Intuitive Design

The simple and intuitive design makes this product easy to use every day. Preparing fresh smoothies has never been easier! Add your favourite ingredients to the container, attach the blade, twist, press, and blend. Your preparation is ready to be enjoyed!

Quick Preparation

Did you know that most smoothies can be prepared in less than 60 seconds? With the Nutribullet® Original blender, every day will include healthy nutrition. Quickly and efficiently, obtain a tasty and nutritious blend.

Powerful Blades

The Nutribullet® blender blades made of stainless steel are designed to transform any ordinary food into a savoury result. The blender's durable blades will grind, in a circular motion, even the toughest ingredients, especially ice. Prepare refreshing smoothies or ice-based cocktails in just a few moments.

Quick Cleaning

Clean the blender's container and blades simply and quickly after each use. Rinse with water and liquid detergent or add the components to the dishwasher, according to the user manual instructions.

24 oz/700 ml and 32 oz/900 ml tall containers

The Nutribullet Pro blender comes with two tall cups, made of BPA-free Tritan, with capacities of 24 oz/700 ml and 32 oz/900 ml.

The two easy-to-use cups are the perfect accessories for your daily dose of energy and nutrition. Prepare nutritious smoothies and enjoy the intense taste with Nutribullet cups.

Detachable Transport Lid

Enjoy delicious smoothies anywhere and anytime. Use the To-Go detachable lid for more convenience during tasting, even when travelling. The lid will maintain the flavour of the preparations.

Drinking Rings

The delicious taste of freshly prepared smoothies can be enjoyed directly from the blender cup, simply and efficiently. The simple or handle drinking ring is compatible with Nutribullet containers and offers the comfort you need during tasting.

Code 0C22300006
Category Blendere de masă
Putere 900 W
Culoare Auriu
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews