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Product description

A power suitable even for commercial use and an exceptional versatility make the Designer 625 blender be a complete  appliance, which will  perform even the most complicated tasks that it is subjected to.

Thanks to the motor that provides up to 3 HP and to the preset functions, imagination is the only limitation in preparing perfect tasting juices or sauces.

The blender performs even the most delicate tasks, from grinding coffee to obtaining a perfect texture of peanut butter or even kneading bread dough. Perfect soup? No problem for the Designer 625 blender! Thanks to its powerful motor, the blender uses only the heat generated by the friction force to warm up the ingredients, resulting in a hot soup with a perfect texture.

The smartphone screen technology is also moving to blenders. The control interface is actually a touchscreen and all the functions can be accessed by a single tap. There are 4 preset functions: smoothie, ice cream, whole juice (with pulp) and hot soup. For out-of-the-ordinary recipes, there are 6 speed levels that can be selected by simply swiping your finger, as well as the PULSE function for full control of the preparation time.

WildSide container jug has a capacity of 2.6 l and is made of a BPA-free hard polycarbonate

Unlike the FourSide container jug, WildSide has a fifth side, specially designed to save on preparation time. The vortex created by blades is amplified so that all the ingredients be "pulled back" towards the blade. The container jug has lid fitted with orifice that allows you to add ingredients even during operation, without the fear of spilling the contents.

The blade used to grind and chop the ingredients is not sharp, eliminating the risk of cutting yourself when you insert your hand into container jug (when the appliance is switched off). Tests run in the Blendtec laboratories have shown that a straight-edged blade, along with a powerful motor, offers much better results in preparing juices, soups or even delicate sauces.

To demonstrate the confidence of Blendtec engineers in their product, made in the USA, this appliance comes with an 8-year warranty for domestic use, applicable to any component of the appliance.

Powerful motor with consumption of 1625W;
6 speed levels + PULSE;
4 preset functions;
WildSide container jug made of polycarbonate, capacity of 2.6 l;

Why Blendtec?

After all, how can you say that your product is the best? Through a long series of tests, obviously. So, we invite you to watch the YouTube channel of the "Will it Blend" show where the company's founder, Tom Dickson, subjects the Blendtec blender to the most demanding tasks.

Code 906256
Brand Blendtec
Category Stand blenders
Range Designer
Capacity 2.6 L
Power 1560 W
Material Metal
Warranty 8 years
Colour Slate grey
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews