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Product description

EcoDecalk descaler by DeLonghi is specially designed for the periodic maintenance of espresso machines, swiftly removing organic residues without damaging the appliance components.

The 200 ml pack ensures 2 descaling operations. Regular use prolongs the lifespan of the espresso machine and enhances its efficiency.

Laboratory tests demonstrate that it is more effective and quicker in dissolving limescale deposits compared to traditional descaling agents.

Descaling, performed whenever prompted by the espresso machine, is crucial.

The espresso machine has an automatic descaling process, and it's recommended to use only De'Longhi EcoDecalk descaler. For descaling, add 100 ml of EcoDecalk solution into the water tank, fill it with fresh cold water, and follow the simple instructions provided by the espresso machine.

The package contains usage instructions.

Suitable for 2 descaling operations.

Chemical composition: 30-50% lactic acid

Quantity: 200ml

Code AS00006365
Brand DeLonghi
Category Household appliances accessories
Range DeLonghi accessories
Capacity 0.2 L
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews