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Product description

Cuisinart electric grill is a very versatile kitchen product. The grill hotplates are interchangeable and can be washed in the dishwasher and can be used for many different dishes, from tasty pancakes to delicious panini or perfect steaks.

The appliance is part of the Style Collection and will look great on your countertop, being compact enough to be easily stored in the cabinet. 

Cuisinart Griddle&Grill includes two sets of removable hotplates that can be washed in the dishwasher. Use the ribbed grill hotplate to get the look of grilled meat and use the panini or flat hotplates (plancha) for eggs and pancakes. You can also combine the 2 hotplates - perfect for a warm and hearty breakfast.

The high temperature of 240°C allows you to fry steaks in just a few minutes, and with the variable temperature settings you have total control to easily cook fish and vegetables. The high quality non-stick coating is ideal for healthier cooking, as you use small amounts of oil. The integrated drip tray will collect excess fat.

You can use the fully open grill for finer ingredients or to have the entire cooking surface available.


- 2 sets of interchangeable hotplates washable in the dishwasher;
- Non-stick coating that allows easy cleaning;
- Adjustable timer, from 0 to 30 minutes;
- Variable temperature control up to 240°C;
- Can be used as a contact grill or fully open;
- Floating hinge up to a maximum height of 8 cm;
- Integrated drip tray that collects fat;

Dimensions (closed): H 20 x W 37 x H 33 cm.


2 sets of hotplates: grill/plancha;
Spatula/Cleaning brush;
Removable drip tray.

Code GR47BE
Brand Cuisinart
Category Electric grills
Range Cuisinart electric grills
Power 1600 W
Warranty 5 years
Colour Grey
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews