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Product description

Electric grill with digital display and 7 preset programs, power 1800–2100 W, produced by Zokura.

The grill plates are detachable and have a non-stick surface, thus being easy to clean.

The grill has PF plastic casing and the lid is made from stainless steel.

This grill has 9 temperature adjustment levels, respectively 70°C, 90°C, 110°C, 130°C, 150°C, 170°C, 190°C, 210°C, and 230°C and 7 preset cooking programs (thawing, ham, chicken, sausages, steak, fish, hamburger), as well as customized function.

The electric grill automatically detects the food thickness (within 5 seconds) to adjust the cooking time. The cooking level is displayed on the digital control panel.

*When cooking beef, the grill issues a sound alert for the preset cooking levels "Rare" and "Medium" cooking. For the rest of the functions, the grill issues a sound alert only for "Well done".

The electric grill can be used at an angle of 105° and 180°. When you open the grill at 180°, you can only use the standard grill program.

The electric grill includes a removable grease collecting tray. For best results, grease the grill plates or use cooking spray.

For good stability, the grill has non-stick feet and cord storage system.


  • Rated voltage: 220-240 V, 50∼60 Hz;
  • Power: 1800-2100 W;
  • Detachable grill plates with non-stick surface;
  • 9 temperature settings;
  • 7 preset programs and customized function;
  • Automatic detection of food thickness to adapt the cooking time;
  • LCD display;
  • Two options for opening the grill: at 105° and 180°;
  • Detachable grease collecting tray;
  • Non-slip feet and power cord storage system;
  • Weight: 5.25 kg.

Code Z1249
Brand Zokura
Category Electric grills
Range Zokura home appliances
Power 2100 W


Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews