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Product description

Koda 12 gas oven is the perfect choice if you want a portable oven that reaches high temperatures of up to 500 °C in just 15 minutes and bakes authentic pizza in just 60 seconds. It is designed for outdoor use only, offering a unique cooking experience.

Although the Koda 12 oven has been designed to operate safely at high temperatures up to 500 °C, it is recommended to keep it around 400 °C to bake a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza.

Featuring a high-temperature resistant casing that is insulated, powder-coated with carbon steel and a 10 mm cordierite stone baking plate optimized for even heat distribution, the Koda 12 oven can bake both pizza and a variety of foods such as steaks, fish or vegetables.

The oven's compact design makes it easy to transport and store, and it's ready to go in no time.

1. Unfold the folding legs and mount outdoors on a stainless steel, wood or stone surface.
2. Insert the baking stone made from cordierite.
3. Connect to a propane tank (Don't forget to check for gas leaks!).

Why choose a gas oven?

Easy to use

Simply connect to a propane tank and start cooking!


Set the temperature with the control knob.


No need to clean fuel residue after cooking!

What's in the box

1. Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven with folding legs;
2. Baking stone made from cordierite.

Note: Pressure regulator and hose for connection to propane tank NOT included.

It is necessary to purchase a pressure regulator with appropriate hose, depending on the propane tank used.

Care instructions:

Store the Ooni Koda 12 safely with the specially designed carrying case. This waterproof covering will protect the oven from dust and weather. In case of extreme weather conditions, we recommend storing the oven indoors. Give your oven time to cool down completely before storage.

Cleaning the inside of the Koda 12 oven is easy: Turn the oven on high for 30 minutes to burn off any remaining food remnants. Once cooled, the interior can be wiped clean with dry paper towels or an oven brush.

The outer casing of the Koda 12 can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried immediately. Avoid abrasive cleaners or those with harsh chemicals.

Recommended cleaning routine:

— Wipe the inner case with a dry paper towel before each use.
— Clean the burner tube every 3 months with a wire brush to remove food remnants.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 62 × 39 × 29 cm;
Weight: 9.25 kg;
Cooking surface: 33.7 × 33.7 mm;
Durable, insulated, powder-coated carbon steel case;
10 mm baking stone made from cordierite;
Flame safety device (FSD) (will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on);
The Ooni Koda 12 is compatible with large propane tanks (normally used with grills) as well as 0.45 l propane tanks, used in conjunction with a suitable adapter;
Maximum output: 4 kWh/13648 BTU;
NOT compatible with natural gas.

Code UUP07000
Brand Ooni
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Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews