Hand blender with accessories Go Cordless, with battery, Matte Black - KitchenAid

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Product description

KitchenAid Go Cordless hand blender, with a detachable rechargeable battery.

Easily prepare soups, shakes, sauces, and even baby food. The cordless hand blender includes additional accessories to help you chop vegetables and whip egg whites or other mixtures. The detachable battery provides up to 30 minutes of use before needing to be recharged.

Mix ingredients with KitchenAid Go

The cordless hand blender, with an included battery, is part of the KitchenAid Go Cordless collection. Enjoy the freedom to blend ingredients in the provided container or directly in pots, using the included protective accessory.

Here's the smart part: a detachable battery powers this portable kitchen appliance. Get rid of the cords that take up space in the kitchen and quickly blend ingredients.

Battery with up to 30 minutes autonomy

After a full charge, the hand blender has up to 30 minutes of continuous use. The LEDs on the side of the battery indicate the remaining charging time.

When you need to recharge the battery, use only the provided USB-C cable. A full recharge of the battery takes approximately 3 hours.

High blending power

Hand blenders, also called immersion or stick blenders, are one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can buy. And now with the cordless option, you can make soups, shakes, sauces, and even baby food.

The detachable blending arm, with a stainless steel blade in 4 points, quickly crushes ingredients. Easily control the blending process with the variable speed power button.

You can blend and store

The included BPA-free plastic container with a 700 ml capacity is ideal for blending and then storing mixtures in the refrigerator. The graduated container can be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Protect your cooking pots and pans

You can blend food in the included blending container or directly in pots. This accessory protects your pots and pans from scratches.

The protective accessory creates a cushioning space between the blades and your cooking pots, so all the power is directed towards blending the ingredients. Blend and cook at the same time until you get the consistency you need.

Chop vegetables and whisk ingredients

This is truly the blender that "does it all," as the Go Cordless hand blender includes a chopper and a whisk. Follow recipes from start to finish with a single appliance.

Attach the blender body to the chopper and watch it handle the preparation by chopping meat, onions, or garlic, just like a mini food processor. Or prepare salsa, pesto, and breadcrumbs with just a press of a button.

Attach the whisk to make whipped cream or egg whites, prepare airy puddings, and make perfect salad dressings. Appetizers, main courses, and desserts: all are now easily achievable.

What's in the box

Detachable arm (17.8 cm)

1 L container with lid

Whisking attachment

Chopper attachment


Battery with USB-C cable


Full charge time: 3 hours;
Operating time on full charge: 30 min;
USB input: 100–240 V~, 50–60 Hz, 0.5 A;
USB output: 5 VDC, 2 A;
External battery rated voltage: 10.8 VDC;
External battery maximum voltage: 12 VDC;
Battery light indicator: yes;
Power cord length: 91.4 cm.


Blender arm, stainless steel;
Blender container, BPA-free plastic, 1 L capacity with lid;
Pot protection;
Whisk attachment, stainless steel;
Chopper attachment, plastic, with blade;
Battery with USB-C cable included.
Brand KitchenAid
Category Hand blenders
Range KitchenAid Go Cordless
Colour Matte Black
Warranty 2 years
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews