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Product description

Knife sharpener with 2 modules for blade sharpening and scissors sharpening slot, Zokura brand.

The sharpener is provided with 2 modules for knife sharpening and 1 slot for sharpening scissors, respectively:

1. The coarse module for sharpening steel blades. The coarse slot shall be used if the knife blade is worn-out or damaged.

2. The fine module for fine sharpening and polishing of ceramic blades. This module is used if the blade is already sharp and only requires slight polishing. This slot can be used for finishing and polishing after the first stage of sharpening with the coarse module.

3. Slot for sharpening scissors. The sharpening angle for scissors is a fixed one. The sharpening module for scissors with ceramic blades removes worn edges, perfectly sharpens and polishes the scissors blades.

The sharpening angle of the 2 modules can be adjusted between 14º and 24° giving you the opportunity to sharpen slicing knives, Asian-style kitchen knives, European/American kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting or tactical knives.

The soft-touch handle and the non-slip base ensure ease and safety in use.

The sharpener shall be cleaned with a soft dry cloth or a soft brush.

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