"La Fabbrica" set for pasta making - Imperia brand

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Product description

Set for pasta making, Imperia brand.

The set consists of: 

- Chrome-plated steel pasta making machine, with adjustments for preparing the dough in 6 different thicknesses and for a sheet of pasta with a maximum width of 150 mm;
- 2 Duplex accessories for 4 types of pasta: 2mm spaghetti, 2mm tagliatelle, 6.5mm fettuccine and 12mm lasagnette;
- 1 accessory for making Ravioli (3 ravioli 3 x 3 cm);
- 2 wooden scoops for flour;
- 1 slicer with 2 circular blades;

Other accessories for making various types of pasta (to prepare a wide variety of pasta such as capelli d'angelo, trenette, pappardelle, reginette frastagliate, raviolini, cavatelli, gnocchi and rigatelli) can be purchased separately from Kitchen Shop.

Imperia products with tradition since 1932, manufactured in Italy and having a good quality, strength and durability, will amaze you with ease of use and versatility, to make the best homemade pasta!

Moreover, for helping you in making the best homemade pasta, the Imperia pasta making machine can be used together with the Pasta Facile electric motor, code 600.


Code 501
Brand Imperia
Category Pasta-making tools
Range Imperia pasta makers
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews