Label sticker roll, 40x20mm, 320 pcs/roll, White - NIIMBOT

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Product description

Thermal label sticker roll, size 40 x 20 mm, 320 pieces, NIIMBOT brand.

  • Wide scope of use: You can print many types of labels to use for storage, office organization, creating barcodes or price tags.
  • No need for ink - Using thermal printing technology, you say goodbye to ink. The label paper is waterproof, oil-resistant, tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and uses ecological materials.
  • Smart identification label - The label roll is suitable for B21 and B3S label printers, which can smartly identify label templates, making printing faster.
  • Special note - The sticker on the side of the label roll contains a sensor chip, please do not break it because breaking it may impact the printing effect.

Compatible with B21 and B3S
This label roll is compatible with the NIIMBOT B21 and B3S label printers.
No need for ink. With thermal transfer printing technology, ink-free printing is possible.
More expensive materials bring better quality: label paper has strong adhesiveness, clear printing, does not fade, is waterproof, oil-resistant, tear-resistant, non-toxic, harmless and degradable.

Automatic identification of labels
The label roll with smart identification chip can be automatically recognized by the B21 and B3S label printers. There is no need to search for the template manually, it saves time, being very easy to use.

Free app

The app offers a variety of free templates, allows you to import label texts from Excel files, supports the printing of various texts, numbers, charts, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, etc. Customize your own label in a second via your own phone!

Strong sticker labels
The label paper with a strong adhesive can be applied to various surfaces such as craft paper, plastic, PVC, wood, glass, ceramic, corrugated box, metal, books and envelopes.

Code 6975746633567
Brand Niimbot
Category Label printers and accessories
Range Thermal labels - Niimbot
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews