Oval dish with lid, made of heat-resistant glass, "Classic", 4.4 l + 1.4 L - Pyrex

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Product description

Oval dish with lid, made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, total capacity 5.8 l, Pyrex brand.

In everyday life, you need the right, simple cookware, adapted to each recipe, the "basic items" in the kitchen. Pyrex® has put together in the Pyrex® Classic range all the cookware you need in your kitchen: versatile and ultra-durable borosilicate glass cookware and food containers that have made the Pyrex® brand famous for more than 100 years!

Key features:
- The side handles help take the glass dish out of the oven, even when using holders or mitts.
- Non-porous material - glass does not retain odors. You can easily go from sweet to salted dishes and viceversa without the glass dish retaining the food odors.
- Ideal product for stews and slow cooking because it preserves the quality of ingredients. The preparations get browned and baked without burning. Successful results every time!

Advantages of Pyrex® borosilicate glass:
- Resistance to thermal shocks up to 300°C: the Pyrex® glass can go from freezer, from a temperature of -40°C, straight into oven, at a temperature of +300°C;
- Hygienic material that does not retain stains or odors;
- Scratch-resistance.

Since 1915, the Pyrex® glass has been offering complete solution to all the requirements in terms of cookware, from preparation to baking and storage.
The high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used in all the items of the Pyrex® glassware range.

Founded in 1915, the Pyrex® brand has always anticipated the newest trends in cookware and has tackled each requirement in the kitchen. By creating revolutionary products, Pyrex® has become the ideal partner in the kitchen. Today, the Pyrex® brand is reinventing itself (getting a new look)!

Technical specifications:

Total capacity: 5.8 L;
Base capacity: 4.4 L;
Lid capacity: 1.4 L;
Outer dimensions: 38 × 23 × 15 cm;
Material: borosilicate glass.

Mode of use:

Minimum temperature: -40°C;
Maximum temperature: 300°C;
Suitable for use in oven: Yes;
Suitable for use in microwave: Yes;
Suitable for use in freezer: Yes.

Code 460A000
Brand Pyrex
Category For roast
Range Ovenware - Pyrex
Capacity 4,4 L
Material Glass
Lid Yes
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