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Product description

Jalapeno hot peppers originate in Mexico. With an average pungency of 5 (out of 10) on the Scoville intensity scale, these peppers are widely used in cooking, being known for their ability to refresh any dish without fading the other flavors.

Their slightly dizzying aroma makes the Jalapeno hot peppers ideal for all kinds of recipes!

Species: Jalapeno hot peppers.

Enjoy the benefits of the Lingot® technology of the Veritable brand: these packages contain seeds that are 100% natural, free of pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

These Lingot® packages come ready to be used as simply and efficiently as possible. Thus, 1 package of Lingot® seeds contains: organic and untreated seeds, a biological soil substrate and the essential nutrients for the types of seeds contained by package.

When creating these seed packages, certain specific rules are observed for each plant, such as: spacing and layout of the seeds, the depth at which they are placed, the choice of plant species, composition of the biological substrate, all these are necessary to optimize and to obtain a tasty and rich harvest. The preparation of each Lingot® is specific to each plant so as to obtain abundant and tasty crops.

The Lingot® seed package is 100% compostable and bio-degradable. The package does not contain pesticides or GMO (genetically modified organisms). Each Veritable brand "Garden" planter comes with 4 different types of Lingot® seed packages.

The Lingot® seeds packages can be stored and kept without being used for no more than 1 year in a cold and dry place. The germination rate of seeds kept in any package that is stored for more than 1 year will considerably decrease.

Germination: 2 weeks after planting;
Reaches maturity: in 4-8 weeks;
Harvest: for 4-5 months;

The product is compatible with: the SMART Garden, CONNECT Garden and BOTANEO planters.

Code VLINL5Pim04E
Brand Veritable
Category Smart planters
Range Pachete de seminte "Lingot"
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews