Set of 2 Burgundy wine glasses, crystalline glass, 646 ml, "Eggplant", "Spirit" - Schott Zwiesel

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Product description

Set of 2 Burgundy red wine glasses, produced by Schott Zwiesel, handcrafted in Germany, made from crystalline glass, using the 'Tritan' technology.

  • Capacity: 646 ml;
  • Diameter: 107 mm (refers to the outermost diameter);
  • Height: 227 mm.

The wine glasses from the Spirit series are hand-blown. Ideal for mix & match – the manually crafted Burgundy glass from the Zwiesel Glas Spirit series. Aromas can optimally unfold in the generously proportioned bowl of the glass, while the twisted stem with shades of aubergine adds a special touch. Combined with additional stem colours such as pink, graphite, green, and crystal, these wine glasses create unique elements in any table setting.

Manual washing is recommended.

Zwiesel Kristallglas has set a new standard for crystalline glassware with the development of Tritan technology, an internationally patented innovation.

Tritan technology surpasses traditional methods for crafting crystalline glassware in both chemical composition and the production process. Titanium is used as the primary chemical element, replacing lead (commonly found in regular crystalline glassware). Laser technology is employed for finishing, levelling the wine glass's rim, and removing imperfections, significantly enhancing its shape, which, in turn, improves the flavour of beverages.

Thanks to this technology, the crystalline glass produced by Zwiesel Kristallglas boasts high mechanical strength, scratch resistance, exceptional clarity, and it is dishwasher-safe. These attributes are highly valued by over 3000 hotels, restaurants, and bars worldwide.

Schott Zwiesel Handmade Wine Glasses
The perfect interaction of wood, glass, and fire – that's all the Schott Zwiesel glassmakers need to create unique, handcrafted products. Since 1872, Schott Zwiesel's glassmakers have worked closely as a team, each adding their individual character and experience to the unique glass products.

Zwiesel Glas - The Art of Achieving the Perfect Note
The Zwiesel Glas glass factory, founded in 1872, has deep roots in traditional glassmaking in the Bavarian Forest. Zwiesel Glas transforms every moment into a special occasion – at home, in restaurants, whether you are alone or in the company of others. The unique Zwiesel note plays an important role – the sound of Tritan® crystalline glass wine glasses from Zwiesel is different from any other and has become a unique feature of the brand.
In addition to the handcrafted premium products, which are unparalleled in the quality manufacturing process, the range includes selected machine-made series that stand out for their unique design and excellent product value. Design collaborations with top international sommeliers, winemakers, and chefs complete the high standards and uniqueness of the Zwiesel Glas product range.

Code 121637
Brand Schott Zwiesel
Category Pahare
Gama Spirit
Nr. piese 2
Capacitate 0,64 L
Material Sticla
Tip Vin rosu
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews