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Product description

Set of 2 silicone holders for boiling eggs without shellOXO brand.

With the help of these heat-resistant silicone holders, you can cook eggs by a traditional method.

Their shape resembling an hourglass prevents the breakage of yolk and ensures quick, uniform boiling.

The special design of the holder, designed with orifices in the lower part, helps to a better water circulation, the eggs being thus cooked evenly. To achieve perfect results, add water up to the level indicated on the inside of the recipient, wait until it reaches the boiling point and insert the egg.

Recommended time for preparing eggs:

Small eggs - approx. 3 min;

Medium eggs - approx. 3 min 30 s - 3 min 45 s;

Large eggs - approx. 4 min.

Jumbo eggs - approx. 4 min - 4 min 40 s.

Code 11207000
Brand OXO
Category Cookware accessories
Range For preparing food, OXO
No. pieces 2
Material Silicone
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