Set of 2 salt and pepper grinders, 15 cm, "Tahiti Fire", Bricks&Flame - Peugeot

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Product description

Set of 2 salt and pepper grinders, 15 cm high, made from beech wood, Peugeot brand

Benefiting from an elegant design, made from wood with matte finish, the Tahiti range grinders have a special feature: you can distinguish them extremely easily from a distance because the salt grinders and the pepper grinders have different colors. 

Tahiti salt and pepper grinders are made in France and are provided with a grinding mechanism with a lifetime guarantee. The knob marked P or S allows you to adjust the grinding level effortlessly.

The salt grinder mechanism is designed to crush kitchen coarse salt, being made from stainless steel and being resistant to the corrosion caused by dry salt.

In the case of pepper grinders, the mechanism is provided with 2 spiral-shaped rows of steel teeth, which grip and guide the peppercorns for a perfect grind.

What type of salt is recommended?

For the best results, this grinder is recommended to be used with dry salt, with crystals of maximum 4 mm in diameter, such as the salt extracted from mines or coarse salt. Do not use salt grinders to mince pepper or sea salt, as its moisture might corrode the mechanism.

What type of peppercorns is recommended?

Black, white or green peppercorns, dried, hard, with a maximum diameter of about 5 mm, are recommended. Pink peppercorns can only be used in a mix (maximum 15% of pink pepper) with any of the above-mentioned types of peppercorns. Also, dried coriander seeds can be used in the Peugeot pepper grinders.

Size: 15 cm

Material: Wood

For: Pepper / Salt

Grinding level: Adjustable

  • PEFC wood from French forests, water-soluble varnish
  • Pepper grinder: for grinding black, white, green and red pepper, pink pepper (max. 15% of the pepper mix) and coriander seeds
  • Salt grinder: for grinding dry salt crystals (coarse salt) of up to 4 mm. Do not use for wet sea salt, even if it is dry
  • Adjustable grinding level: the tighter the knob, the finer the grinding (and vice versa)
  • They are made in France

The grinders may contain salt and pepper for demonstration purposes and should be emptied before use.

Code 242974
Brand Peugeot
Category Salt shakers, pepper shakers, spice grinders
Range Tahiti
No. pieces 2
Dimensions (cm) 15
Material Wood
Type Pepper
Type Salt
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