Set of 3 Eco microfiber cloths, 40 × 40 cm - Carpa Magica


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Product description

Microfiber cloth, available in a set of 3 pieces, is truly magical due to its unique cleaning properties!

With dimensions of 40 × 40 cm, using only water, the microfiber cloth cleans any surface, removing dust, fingerprints, grease stains, or soap scum.

How to use

To clean surfaces, simply immerse the cloth in water without using detergents. Then, polish the surface after thoroughly wringing out the cloth. It leaves no marks or residues, polishing and cleaning only with water!

On what types of surfaces is it used?

Ideal for cleaning windows and mirrors, tiles and ceramics, wooden furniture, appliances (laptop, TV, refrigerator, or other small appliances), and sensitive surfaces. It can even be used to clean windows and the interior of the car.

How to clean it?

The Carpa Magica microfiber cloth can be cleaned in the washing machine, using laundry detergent, and even bleach.

Attention! To avoid damage, do not use fabric softeners after washing (no fabric softener of any kind).

Do not tumble dry! The maximum washing temperature is 30 °C. Following the cleaning instructions guarantees the long-term use of Carpa Magica microfiber cloth.

Why choose the Carpa Magica microfiber cloth?

- Wipes and absorbs any kind of grease with just water;

- Ideal for sensitive surfaces;

- Leaves no marks or residues;

- Cleans only with water;

- Perfect even for windows and the interior of the car;

- Saves you from allergies caused by chemical detergents;

- Premium quality - 2 years warranty for daily use.

Category Spare parts and accessories for cleaning
No. pieces 3
Dimensions (cm) 40
Material Microfiber
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