Set of 3 reusable food wraps, beeswax, Natural Elements – Kitchen Craft


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Product description

Made from 100% organic cotton and a blend of organic beeswax and essential oils, this set of 3 Kitchen Craft reusable food wrappings is not only a durable alternative to plastic wrap, but is also naturally antibacterial.

The 100% unbleached cotton is printed with organic, food-safe soy ink before being infused with a blend of beeswax and oils from ethically and sustainably managed beehives.

Before use, gently warm the foil in your hands, then shape it over a bowl, a piece of cheese, butter, sandwiches, sliced fruits and vegetables and more. As the foil cools, it will hold its shape creating a seal (not suitable for raw meat and fish).

When the wax layer has worn off, the foil will begin to feel soft and will start to have trouble sticking together. You can freshen up your food packaging at any time by using Natural Elements organic beeswax freshening cubes, available separately (NEBWAXCUBE12PC).

Combining both durability, functionality and style, Natural Elements introduces its eco-friendly range, which is designed to reduce plastic. This collection embraces natural materials in the kitchen, bringing a unique organic feel to the home.

Colour: Yellow
Material: beeswax

Brand Kitchen Craft
Category Refrigerator storage and organization
Range Natural elements
No. pieces 3
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews