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Product description

Act on time when a fire breaks out using the Smartwares FSM-124 smoke detector. The smoke detector has integrated battery that does not need replacing. The powerful 85 dB alarm allows you to prevent life-threatening situations.

A smoke detector provides safety
A fire can break out at any time, even when you are sleeping. The smoke detector alerts you in a timely manner so that you can respond quickly to life-threatening situations. It is important to know that smoke detectors have a maximum 10-year service life, so you should always check the date inscribed on the smoke detector and buy new ones every 10 years to make sure you have smoke detectors that work properly.

Choose the right smoke detector
All the Smartwares smoke detectors are equipped with optical sensor. An optical sensor reacts quickly to fires, rings less false alarms and is environmentally friendly. The battery of the FSM-124 smoke detector has a 10-year service life, so you don't have to worry about replacing the battery.

The smoke detector is equipped with 2 Sleep and Hush functions. In the Sleep mode, the function can be used to temporarily turn off the smoke alarm, this can be useful in case the empty battery indicator starts to go out at midnight. In addition, the Hush button can be used to deactivate the alarm when a false alarm goes off.

To make sure that you are alerted when a fire breaks out, it is recommended that at least one smoke detector be placed on each floor. We recommend that you place smoke detectors in the spaces you pass through, for example in hallways or stairs. The smoke goes upwards and, therefore, it is important to always mount the smoke detector on the ceiling, this can be easily done using some screws or a mounting kit. The Smartwares smoke detectors are wireless, allowing you to place them anywhere in the house.


The operation of the smoke detector can be influenced by dust and dirt, so it is important to clean your smoke detector on monthly basis using a slightly damp cloth and twice a year with a vacuum cleaner. Never use cleaning products nor paint the smoke detector.

Test the alarm on monthly basis
It is important to check the smoke detector regularly using the test button. The smoke detector should be tested monthly to make sure it works properly when a potential fire breaks out. If the battery is discharged, you will hear a short beep, so you will be alerted when you need to replace the smoke detector.

What's in the box?
Smoke detector, integrated battery, user manual, materials for mounting 


  • This product helps you to act quickly when a fire breaks out;
  • Smoke detector with integrated battery with a 10-year service life that does not need replacing;
  • Smoke detector fitted with a test button;
  • Low battery indicator light;
  • Easy to install and to clean.
Code FSM12400
Brand Smartwares
Category Smoke and gas detectors
Material Plastic
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews