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Product description

Discover the freedom to prepare your own soda and your favorite fizzy drinks, to choose from a variety of flavors and to stop spending money on bottled juices.

The new SPIRIT soda maker from SodaStream is designed to integrate the essence of SodaStream carbonation appliances alongside a much more compact and slimmer design. You can choose the carbonation intensity by doing less or more pressings. This soda maker does not require a power source which makes it more economical.

Thanks to the Snap-Lock mechanism the bottle gets secured quickly and effortlessly inside the appliance, being very easy to use.

Tilt the Snap-Lock system and point it at you.

Place the bottle in the carbonation slot.

At the touch of a button, the SodaStream soda maker turns plain water into soda.

Remove the bottle from the slot and enjoy a carbonated, refreshing and delicious soda drink. 

Relish your favorite drink as desired, adjust the carbonation level, vary the taste! It takes only 3 seconds and requires no cleaning. No batteries or electricity, nothing to carry, no bottles or cans to store, nothing to throw away or recycle. You can help protect the environment while saving money and enjoying your favorite drinks.

The pack includes:

- 1 SodaStream Spirit Black soda maker
- 1 stainless-steel CO2 cylinder, sufficient for at least 60 liters of drinks
- 1 reusable bottle with lid, capacity 1 liter, made of BPA-free plastic.

Code 1011711882
Brand SodaStream
Category Soda machines
Range Soda brand appliances
Colour Red


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