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Product description

Extend the life of your wines with the Coravin® Pivot™ wine preservation system. The ingenious combination of the Pivot™ stopper and preservation system maintains the remaining wine in your bottle for up to 4 weeks, ensuring that the last glass is as amazing as the first.

The Coravin Pivot wine preservation system includes:

  • 1 Pivot™ Wine Preservation System
  • 2 Pivot™ wine stoppers
  • 1 Coravin Pure™ Argon capsule
  • 1 Wine bottle sleeve

How to use Pivot™

Open the bottle and place the stopper
Open the bottle of wine. Replace the cork or screw cap with a Pivot stopper (make sure both the stopper and the bottle neck are dry).

Pour wine
To pour, place the Pivot device through the stopper. Tilt the bottle so that the nozzle stays over the wine glass, then press and hold the button on the device. Release the button and bring the bottle upright to stop pouring.

Duration of use

Each capsule allows you to pour up to 20 glasses of wine (150 ml) with the Pivot wine preservation systems.

Keep any wine non-carbonated

Pivot™ can be used on almost any non-carbonated wine. Cork, screw cap, bottle stopper or any other sealers can be easily replaced by the Pivot™ stopper.

Reusable stoppers

When you finish a bottle closed with a Pivot™ stopper, you can remove and reuse that stopper again and again. Purchase more stoppers to keep and enjoy even more wine.

Code COR112307
Brand Coravin
Category Stoppers and vacuum pumps
No. pieces 5
Colour Black
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews