"Zoo" water bottle 430 ml, stainless steel, tiger pattern - Aladdin

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Product description

"Take me with you!" is the slogan of the American company Aladdin and the advice of the Zoo bottle, with an original, cute and playful design, is to get hydrated on daily basis wherever you are: in the office, when traveling or jogging.

From manufacturing to the design and purpose, the bottle was designed for simple hydration which is both active, but also environmental friendly, at the same time. This is due to the fact that Aladdin takes a sustainable approach and gives the same importance both to the how the products are manufactured and to the how they are used, in order to be perfectly safe for health but also nature-friendly.

Thus, the Zoo bottle is made from stainless steel of high quality, so you won't have to worry about BPA. The bottle also has double Thermavac™ walls and, together with the material it is made of, creates perfect insulation, thus keeping the drinks cold for longer (up to 7 hours) and prevents leakage of its contents.

With 430 ml capacity, the bottle is easy to transport and ideal to take your favorite drinks with you everywhere. 

The bottle has wide mouth to allow easy pouring of drinks or adding of ingredients, but also for a more efficient and easy cleaning.

The thoroughly conceived and funny design also includes a loop-type handle for fingers, which forms the ears of the animal printed on the bottle. 

The product can be cleaned only manually. 

Code 1008124006
Brand Aladdin
Category Thermal insulating bottles and sport mugs
Range Aladdin bottles
Capacity 0.43 L
Material Stainless steel
Colour Orange
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