3-stage knife sharpening kit, 3-piece - Zokura

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Product description

Knife sharpening kit, Zokura brand.

The set includes:

- 3 sharpening stones, made of corundum, grit sizes 400, 1000 and 6000;
- 2 angular guides for short and long blades;
- 1 flattener for the diamond coated stone;
- 1 base with prismatic holder and storage space.

To use the sharpening stone, first immerse it in water for 5 minutes.

Step 1 - Use the coarse side with 400 grit to sharpen very dull or damaged blades. Choose and set an angle guide in the appropriate location on the knife blade, depending on the size of your knife.

Hold the handle and the back of the knife with both hands, the ceramic part in contact with the stone surface, to maintain a fixed angle of the blade, then, push the blade back and forth on the stone applying light pressure. In general, the knife should be sharpened every 6 months, as needed.

Step 2 - Medium grit side (grit size 1000)
The purpose of this step is to remove any burrs resulting from the rough sharpening in the first stage or for day-to-day sharpening and maintenance.

Step 3 - Fine grit side (grit size: 6000)
The purpose of this stage is to grind the blade edge, each time after using the medium grit stone.

Stone flattening with the diamond-coated flattener:

In case the stone's surface becomes uneven, use the diamond-coated flattening accessory to level and flatten it.

After sharpening, rinse the knife with clean water and wipe it.

Maintenance of sharpening stones
Clean the sharpening stones with a soft brush and let them to dry completely before placing the stones, guides and diamond-coated flattener in their designated spaces inside the base.

After use, clean the sharpening stone with a soft brush and store all the accessories in the plastic box to protect them from moisture.

Please use the entire surface of the stone to ensure optimum sharpening results.

Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews