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Product description

The 1.9 l bowl is suitable for making ice cream, gelato, sorbet or frozen yogurt, of your favorite flavor and consistency.

This bowl is compatible with the mixer models: 5K45SS, 5KSM95, 5KSM185, 5KSM175, 5KSM125, 5KSM180, 5KSM7580, 5KSM7591, 5KSM7990, 5KSM45, 5KSM3311.

Creamy homemade ice cream 

Enjoy consistent and creamy homemade ice cream
The bowl keeps cold for long
Compatible with KitchenAid mixers
Frozen desserts in less than 30 minutes (excluding pre-freezing stage)
Easy to attach to your mixer
Easy and quick cleaning

Works with the KitchenAid mixer

Are you wondering how to make delicious, consistent and creamy homemade ice cream? You can instantly become an expert with this KitchenAid attachment. This bowl is compatible with most KitchenAid planetary mixers, replacing the traditional mixing bowl.

Frozen desserts in less than 30 minutes

Yes, it really is that quick! Just remember to put the bowl in the freezer for at least 16 hours in advance and you can make your favorite ice cream in less than half an hour.

The improved design also ensures that the bowl keeps cold for long, so you have more time to prepare the creamy texture you want. The generous 1.9 L capacity allows you to make enough quantity to be shared with friends or family.

Mixing paddle for quick mixing and creamy results

When preparing ice cream, the faster the mixture freezes, the smaller the ice crystals and the smoother and creamier the results. During preparation, the mixing paddle rotates quickly, ensuring a thorough mixing, for a uniform freezing. This mixing paddle spreads the tiny ice crystals on the frozen bowl walls and incorporates air to create that smooth, creamy texture.

Easy to clean

The mixing paddle and adapter can be cleaned in the top shelf of the dishwasher. The mixing bowl must be washed by hand with warm water and soap, once it has reached room temperature.

What's in the box?

1,9 l bowl

Mixing paddle, made of acetal

Nylon adaptor


Bowl material: ABS plastic;
Inner bowl material: Aluminum;
Mixing paddle material: Acetal;
Height x width x depth: 17.8 x 28 x 21.6 cm;
Weight: 2.7 Kg.

Brand KitchenAid
Category Household appliances accessories
Range Bowls
Capacity 1.9 L
Warranty 2 years
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