BRITA My Pure P1 water filtration system

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Product description

BRITA filtering system provides many opportunities. Water filtered by means of My Pure P1 system from BRITA has an excellent taste and you always have it at your disposal, it improves the taste of the dishes and is perfect for daily consumption, being an economical, convenient and easy to use method.

The P 1000 filter is the solution for fresh water free of impurities

The P 1000 filter has a constant filtration performance to reduce limescale due to the Multilevel filtering system.

Professional filter is provided with 3 filtration settings: for water with medium hardness, hard or very hard. Depending on the Bypass setting, metal ions such as lead or copper decrease during the filtration process.

The P 1000 filter reduces the level of limescale and substances such as chlorine, which impair the taste and smell of water.

Filter capacity

The capacity of the P 1000 filter depends on the level of individual consumption and the level of water hardness. For optimal performance, we recommend changing the filter once every 12 months.

The change will be indicated by the status of the BRITA filter using the indicator LED. When the LED indicates the red color, the filter must be changed. After changing the filter, it is necessary to reset the faucet by pressing on the side of it.


- P 1000 filter system with 3 settings including locking handle;

- Flexible holder for wall mounting;

- P 1000 filter;

- BRITA dispenser;

- Electronic indicator of filter status; 

- CR2032 battery;

- 2 connecting pipes, length 800mm;

- T-type connecting pipe;

- 4 gaskets;

- Tape for testing water hardness level.

Installation steps:

Before installing the filter, you must test water hardness with the tape attached to the user manual.

Put the entire tape in a water glass, with a temperature between 15⁰-30⁰C for 1 second.

Depending on the color-changing reactive areas, change the setting for water hardness. The values for the degree of water hardness are indicated in the user manual.

The device is preset to the hardness level "B" - 3 active tapes. To change this setting use a 4 mm Allen key and twist in the direction of the arrow until the "C" symbol is displayed. If you want to move to the A position, twist the arrow to the opposite position.

The filtration system is equipped with a flow regulator, which guarantees a smooth flow, even at high pressure.

The filter status indicator reminds you when to change the filter, by displaying 3 different colors.

The indicator needs to be reset before installation. The 3 light signals will indicate the following:

- green light: the BRITA filter works at optimum performance;

- yellow light: 90% of the filter capacity was used;

- red light: the filter must be changed.

The filter indicator must be reset after each filter change.

The button on the left side of the filtration system will help you choose the hardness level of water and the one on the right will help you to choose the type of filter you are using.

We do not provide you with assembling for the installation of the filtration system and the filter!

Installation of the filtration system

We recommend that you install the BRITA dispenser next to your sink, and make sure you have enough space for the P 1000 filter.

Technical specifications:

Operating pressure: 2 bar to 8.6 bar;

Inlet water temperature: 4⁰-30⁰C;

Carbonation capacity hardness 10⁰dB at setting A: 1200 L (for filter P1000);

Carbonation capacity hardness 10⁰dB-17⁰dB at setting B: 600 L;

Carbonation capacity hardness 17⁰dB-24⁰dB at setting C: 400 L;

Filter weight: 1 kg;

Filter size (width x Length x height): 10.8 x 10.8 x 25.9 cm;

Filtration system size: 11.9 x 10.8 x 26.5 cm;

Size with installation holder: 13.7 x 12, 8 x 41.7 cm.

Code BR1025434
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