Ceramic bowl, 4.7 L, Meringue - KitchenAid

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Product description

Transform your kitchen with a ceramic bowl that will impress with its unique design and discreet colour.

The ceramic bowl enhanced with titanium, produced by KitchenAid with a capacity of 4.7 L, is compatible with KitchenAid mixers with capacities of 4.3 L and 4.8 L. It is resistant to chips and stains and does not absorb odours and flavours from food.

The elegant bowl can withstand both low and high temperatures. It can be used in the conventional oven (up to 240 °C), microwave oven, and refrigerator. You can use it to melt butter, chocolate, or cool prepared compositions.

Made from durable ceramic enhanced with titanium, KitchenAid ceramic mixing bowls are powerful and reliable. Non-porous, these sturdy bowls will not absorb odours, flavours, or bacteria from food. With a 5-year warranty, you don't have to worry about chipping, cracking, or staining the bowl. Whether kneading dough, beating meringue, or mixing cream, the bowl performs wonderfully.

It can process up to 1 kg of flour and 12 egg whites.

The comfortable handle and pouring spout help you transfer compositions with ease.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 4.7 l;
Material: ceramic reinforced with titanium;
Dimensions (height x width x length): 19 × 31.7 × 23.2 cm;
Weight: 1.9 kg.
Brand KitchenAid
Category Household appliances accessories
Range Bowls
Capacity 4.7 L
Material Ceramic
Colour Meringue
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