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Product description

"Crystal" soda machine - SodaStream brand

The package includes: 

  • SodaStream Crystal machine 
  • CO2 cylinder which is sufficient for making 60 liters of drinks;
  • 750 ml carbonation bottle made of glass;
  • 1 airtight lid specially designed to keep the quality of drinks intact.

Crystal combines elegance and class with the comfort and fun of preparing fizzy drinks in your own kitchen. The sophisticated carbonation process occurs in formworks of a metal body, the upper part, which lifts automatically at the push of a handle.

The carbonation bottle is made of glass, which means you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals, such as BPA, PVC or phthalates. Having an elegant design, the bottle can also be taken straight to the table and is dishwasher safe.

SodaStream syrups are very concentrated: with each 500 ml bottle you can prepare 12 l of fizzy drink: You will carry fewer heavy bottles from the store and the storage volume from your kitchen will be significantly reduced!

Now you can buy and enjoy all the flavors you prefer - not just one or two - you can prepare them more or less concentrated and even mix them either together or with fruit juices or alcohol.

Carbon dioxide is the only source of energy needed to carbonate water. This device operates without any batteries or electricity.

One 425 gram CO2 cylinder weighs 150 times less than the drinks you would have had to carry from the store to home!

Code 1016511443
Brand SodaStream
Category Soda machines
Range Soda brand appliances
Colour Black


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