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Product description

We present to you SodaStream Terra, the best-selling SodaStream water carbonation device. Transform plain water into sparkling water in seconds!

Designed for the modern kitchen, it features the new Quick Connect technology for quick and easy insertion of the CO2 cylinder.

Package includes:

  • one SodaStream Terra soda maker;
  • one Quick Connect CO2 cylinder sufficient for 60 litres of drinks;
  • 1 bottle with cap, 1-litre capacity, made of plastic (with filling mark at 0.84 L).


SodaStream Terra Siphon Appliance
  1. Remove the plastic protection.
  2. Remove the plastic cap.
  3. Lift the pink handle.
  4. Insert the cylinder, first at the bottom.
  5. Lower the handle for quick connection.
SodaStream Terra Siphon Appliance
  1. Fill the carbonation bottle with cold water up to the fill mark.
  2. Make sure the bottle holder is tilted outward.
  3. Insert the bottle neck into the locking device. Push it up and back.
SodaStream Terra Siphon Appliance
  1. Press the carbonation button all the way. Hold down for 1 SECOND and release.
  2. Repeat as desired:
    • 3 times for standard carbonation
    • 5 times for more intense carbonation.
SodaStream Terra Siphon Appliance
  1. To remove the bottle, pull it towards you.
    Tip: Cold water carbonates more quickly. Keep an extra bottle in the refrigerator for immediate use.

Why choose SodaStream TERRA

  • The best way to make fresh carbonated water and easier to use than ever;
  • Reusable carbonation bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher;
  • Compact and stylish device with a wider carbonation button;
  • NEW Quick Connect CO2 technology for quick cylinder insertion.

CO2 Cylinders

SodaStream devices help you protect the environment! With a single cylinder, you get up to 60 litres of soda. That means fewer trips to the store, less weight to carry, and zero recyclable bottles.

How to recharge an empty cylinder?
Extremely simple! Add the product CO2 Cylinder Refill to your shopping cart and place the order with your details. You will receive charged cylinders by courier, and you should hand over the empty ones to the courier. The number of cylinders ordered will be equal to the number handed over to the courier.
A return fee is charged for the returned cylinders, regardless of the number of cylinders.

As for orders up to 85 euros, there is a shipping fee, so we recommend ordering cylinders together with other products or ordering a minimum of 2 cylinders for free delivery.

Code 1012811401
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Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews