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Product description

Nitro, capacity 1 l, made from high-quality stainless steeliSi brand

iSi brand brings the trend from the world of the most modern bars and cafes into your home! With Nitro, you can give coffee, tea and cocktails a unique, fine and creamy texture. Fill the container, screw in a nitro charger, shake at least 6 times and relish the drink obtained.

What is nitro coffee?

Nitro coffee is nitrogen-infused cold brewed coffee. This process is not new in the field, such drinks already being among the fastest growing trends in the industry. Cold brewed coffee is infused with pressurized nitrogen to give it texture, thus, becoming nitro coffee, which is usually served in tumbler to keep the effect of pressurized nitrogen as fresh as possible. This way of serving also offers an attractive and distinct showcasing.

The difference between nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Nitro coffee is not a carbonated drink. Nitrogen is a different gas and has different effects. Soft drinks have a strong carbonation, while the bubbles created by nitrogen are much smaller, providing a dense and creamy texture.

What is the difference between nitro coffee and other coffee-containing cold drinks?

Classic coffee, whether prepared in the press or in a coffee kettle, is hot, cooled and then served with ice. As the coffee is initially hot, it has a similar aroma and does not necessarily differ from a classic cup of coffee. This is because classic brewing methods bring to the surface the specific flavors and acidity of coffee beans, thus, providing the taste that coffee lovers are accustomed with. Nitrogen infusion not only changes the coffee texture, making it more velvety, but also its taste. The coffee is less bitter, has lower acidity and a richer aroma, with subtle sweet notes.

The Nitro system is easy to use and clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. The product is NSF certified (certified and developed for professional kitchens) and is compatible with Nitro chargers, which are sold separately.

iSi products and chargers have been developed as a single system. Therefore, their technical details are adapted to work perfectly together. This is constantly verified via safety tests and quality assessments. The perfect operation of the system can only be guaranteed if you use the products exclusively with iSi chargers!

Advantages of iSi systems:

With iSi, culinary delights can be created in no time - simple and fast.

iSi products takes up little space and can be used anywhere.

As an Austrian brand, iSi stands for 150 years of trust, quality and safety.

Using iSi is a pleasant experience. You will surprise other people with your creativity and the results obtained will delight your friends, family and guests.

Create unforgettable experiences. Whether you prepare soups, sauces, mousse, batter, desserts or cocktails, with iSi, creativity will have no limits.

Deeply rooted in the culinary arts, iSi offers recipes, guides and instructions specially developed along with top chefs, offering the right product for everyone, from professionals to amateur cooks.


Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Minimum operating temperature: 1 ° C

Maximum operating temperature: 30 ° C

Maximum volume: 1 l

Chargers / use: 1-2

Mode of use: Approved for commercial use. Suitable only for cold drinks.

Code 1790
Brand iSi
Category Soda machines
Range iSi appliances
Capacity 1 L
Material Stainless steel
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews