"Gourmet Whip" siphon, 1 l - iSi

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Product description

Be creative and prepare sauces, soups, mousse and hot or cold desserts with Gourmet Whip produced by iSi. The product has a capacity of 1 l and is made of high quality stainless steel, being durable and heat resistant.

The product was developed for professional use, being present in kitchens of large restaurants. Gourmet Whip is suitable for preparing and presenting the most refined dishes, iSi providing tools for the world's best chefs.

The package includes one cleaning brush and 3 nozzles (straight, tulip, star), giving multiple possibilities for decorating dishes and transforming them into real works of art meant to delight the guests and to meet the most demanding culinary requirements.

Gourmet Whip is safe, easy to use and to clean. The product can be washed in the dishwasher.

Gourmet Whip is NSF certified (certified and developed for professional kitchens).

The product is compatible with the professional N2O chargers, sold separately.

iSi products and chargers have been developed as a single system. Therefore, their technical details are adapted to work perfectly together. This is constantly verified via safety tests and quality assessments. The perfect operation of the system can only be guaranteed if you use the products exclusively with iSi chargers!

Advantages of iSi systems:

With iSi, culinary delights can be created in no time - simple and fast.

iSi products takes up little space and can be used anywhere.

As an Austrian brand, iSi stands for 150 years of trust, quality and safety.

Using iSi is a pleasant experience. You will surprise other people with your creativity and the results obtained will delight your friends, family and guests.

Create unforgettable experiences. Whether you prepare soups, sauces, mousse, batter, desserts or cocktails, with iSi, creativity will have no limits.

Deeply rooted in the culinary arts, iSi offers recipes, guides and instructions specially developed along with top chefs, offering the right product for everyone, from professionals to amateur cooks.


Maximum pressure: 30 bar

Minimum operating temperature: 1°C

Maximum operating temperature: 75°C

Maximum volume: 1 l

Chargers/use: 2

Mode of use: Approved for commercial use. Suitable for hot and cold preparations.

Code 1703
Brand iSi
Category Whipped cream siphons
Range iSi appliances
Capacity 1 L
Material Stainless steel
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews