Grill tray, aluminium, 32 × 24 cm, "Daily Pro" - BRA

Code: A511740

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Product description

Non-stick Daily Pro grill tray made from aluminium, with dimensions 32 × 24 cm, produced by BRA.

Made 100% from recyclable cast aluminium, it allows you to cook efficiently and healthily, with very little or no oil, thanks to its high-quality three-layer non-stick coating Teflon Innovation, PFOA-free. It's a sturdy grill tray with great durability.

The "Daily Pro" grill tray designed by Ricard Ferrer, is lighter in weight, making it ideal for daily use, especially for people who have difficulty lifting heavier objects.

It has an ultra-resistant surface, and its handles allow for a secure and comfortable grip. The silicone handles are black with yellow details, the signature of the "Daily Pro" collection.

It is suitable for cooking on all types of stoves, including induction ones, due to the fully inductive base connected through an impact system. Moreover, it has an efficient and excellent temperature distribution for perfect cooking of all recipes.

The Daily Pro smooth surface grill tray is easy to handle, ideal for grilling daily in a very healthy and comfortable way, any grilled food and also in the oven. The wide base is perfect for cooking both meat or fish and the side dish you want to accompany them with.

Its smooth surface allows you to use it even as a tray for baking pastries, cookies, pizza, empanadas, or the most appetizing focaccia. Prepare healthy and delicious recipes anytime on this very versatile, lightweight, and durable grill tray, which allows you to cook very easily.

Product features
- Grill tray with lighter weight without losing robustness or resistance;
- Made of the highest quality cast aluminium, highly resistant to deformation and 100% recyclable;
- Base with a thickness of 4.5 mm with a magnetic disc of 18% chromium stainless steel, joined by an impact system;
- Three-layer Chemours Teflon Innovation non-stick coating, 100% PFOA-free and completely ecological;
- Fully inductive base compatible with all heat sources, including induction hob;
- Ultra-resistant surface;
- Can be used in the oven up to 220 °C (oven use without the silicone handles);
- Handles included, made from black silicone with yellow details;
- Designed by Ricard Ferrer.

Dimensions: 32 × 24 cm
Base diameter: 17.6 cm
Height: 3 cm

Code A511740
Brand Bra
Category Grill pans
Range Bra frying pans
Dimensions (cm) 32
Material Aluminum
Induction Yes
Non-stick layer Yes
Type Grill
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