Paella pan, aluminium, 36 cm, "Daily Pro" - BRA

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Product description

Paella pan Daily Pro, with a diameter of 36 cm, made from aluminium, manufactured by BRA, featuring a triple-layer non-stick coating by Chemours Teflon Innovation.

The Daily Pro paella pan is lightweight and easy to handle, being made entirely of recyclable cast aluminium, allowing you to cook efficiently, practically, and healthily, with very little or even no oil, thanks to its high-quality non-stick coating with three layers of Teflon Innovation, free of PFOA, one of the best on the market. It is a robust paella pan with exceptional durability.

The Daily Pro paella pan has a modern and functional design, designed by Ricard Ferrer. Its lighter weight makes it ideal for daily cooking, especially for people who have difficulty lifting heavier pans.

It has an ultra-resistant surface, and its handles allow for a secure and comfortable grip. The black silicone handles feature yellow details, the signature of the "Daily Pro" collection.

It is suitable for cooking on all types of hobs, including induction, thanks to the fully inductive diffuse base. Additionally, it has efficient and excellent temperature distribution for perfect cooking of all rice, seafood, or fideuá recipes.

Includes two black and yellow silicone handles for comfortable use of the paella pan.

It is a lightweight paella pan, ideal not only for preparing all types of paella and fideuás but also for comfortable and efficient cooking, thanks to its lighter weight and optimal temperature distribution. Thanks to its large non-stick surface, you can use it daily as a grill to cook quickly and cleanly, without oil.

Being suitable for oven cooking, it allows you to fry some chicken pieces with seasoned baked potatoes, bake any fish with some vegetables for a more complete dish, and even cook a delicious puff pastry and apple pie or a tuna and pepper empanada. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you can cook any food very efficiently with very little oil, without the food sticking. It is also very easy and comfortable to handle due to its lighter weight.

Product features
- Lighter weight body, without compromising robustness or strength;
- Made of the highest quality cast aluminium, highly resistant to deformation, and 100% recyclable;
- Base with a thickness of 4.5 mm with an 18% chromium stainless steel magnetic disc, joined by an impact system;
- Chemours Teflon Innovation triple-layer non-stick coating, 100% free of PFOA and environmentally friendly;
- Fully inductive base compatible with all heat sources, including induction hobs;
- Ultra-resistant surface;
- Oven-safe up to 220 °C (without silicone handles);
- Includes black silicone handles with yellow details;
- Design by Ricard Ferrer.

Diameter: 36 cm
Base diameter: 26.8 cm
Height: 5 cm
Servings: 4-6
Code A511636
Brand Bra
Category Specialty frying pans
Range Bra frying pans
Diameter (cm) 36
Material Aluminum
Induction Yes
Non-stick layer Yes
Lid no
Type Specialties
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews