Hand blender Spaghetti MQ3025WH, 700 W - Braun

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Product description

Braun MQ3025WH SPAGHETTI Hand Blender, 700 W, 0.6 l Graduated Cup, 0.35 l Chopper, Whisk, 2 Speeds, White/Blue

The Braun MQ3025WH SPAGHETTI hand blender comes with the perfect mix of accessories.

The whisk can be used when you want to prepare homemade mayonnaise or whipped cream. Additionally, the hand blender comes with a cup that facilitates measuring ingredients and allows you to blend a larger amount of food.

The 350 ml chopper minces everything from meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs, to vegetables and fruits in a matter of seconds.

This hand blender features PowerBell Plus technology, designed with an additional milling blade for an extra cut per rotation, blending and making puréeing whole foods in seconds, resulting in a creamy and super fine texture.

The powerful 700 W motor is efficient enough to make the blender easy to use with one hand. For maximum results, just press the Turbo button.

EasyClick System allows you to simply click to enjoy more versatility while cooking. Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy accessory change.

Its ergonomic design and larger buttons allow for easier removal of the accessory, which can be placed in the dishwasher.

POWERBell Plus Technology
PowerBell Plus is equipped with an additional chopping blade, providing more cuts per rotation, making it easier to blend large pieces and hard ingredients.

Accessory Compatibility
The hand blender is compatible with the following accessories: whisk (MQ10BK, MQ10WH), 350 ml chopper (MQ20BK, MQ20WH), 500 ml chopper (MQ30BK, MQ30WH), blender (MQ40BK, MQ40WH), vegetable masher (MQ50BK, MQ50WH), grinder MQ60S, food processor (MQ70BK, MQ70WH).

German Technology

Quality, reliability, and durability ensured by German engineering.

Powerful 700 W Motor

The powerful motor helps you complete preparations quickly and efficiently, resulting in delicious results.

2-Speed Control

The portion with the two control buttons, corresponding to the two speeds of the blender, is specially placed on the upper part of the handle, so you can change speeds efficiently and simply during use.

PowerBell Plus Technology

The hand blender features the PowerBell Plus system, similar to a bell, specially designed with an additional chopping blade for a more efficient chopping process per rotation. It blends and mixes preparations in just a few seconds.

Splash Control Technology

Enjoy great results without messing up your kitchen, thanks to the Splash Control technology and the innovative features of the blender that prevent splashing. The bell-shaped mixing shaft and unique blade position are the strengths of every Braun blender.

EasyClick System

The patented EasyClick system offers versatility during the preparation of culinary delights. Two buttons and one movement are enough to quickly and easily change the mixer's accessories.

350 ml Chopper

The 350 ml chopper minces everything from meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs, to carrots, in a few seconds.

Whisk for Mixing

With the whisk, you can beat eggs, prepare creams, cake mix, muffins, or other delicious desserts.

600 ml BPA-Free Plastic Cup

The blender comes with a BPA-free plastic cup, graduated, with a capacity of 600 ml, in which you can efficiently purée foods, obtaining soups, purées, and many other delicious preparations. It is graduated with markings expressed in ml, fl, and oz.

Dishwasher-Safe Components

Maintenance and cleaning processes are essential for the use of the blender. Therefore, you can place its components in the dishwasher, according to the instructions presented in the user manual.

Code RO0X22111193
Brand Braun
Category Mixere de mână
Gama Blendere verticale Braun
Putere 700 W
Culoare Alb
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews