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Braun MQ9187XLI hand blender 1200W, 0.6 l graded mug, 0.5 l Chopper, Food processor 2l, Purée accessory, Whisk, Variable speed, Black

The most efficient and most powerful Braun blender

Braun comes to the aid of cooking enthusiasts and inspires them to create unique dishes with the new, state-of-the-art hand blender, MQ9187XLI. This blender impresses not only with its versatility and ease of use, but also with new, innovative features such as the technology Active PowerDrive, that guarantees mixing results up to 6 times finer and up to 60% faster execution thanks to its engine of 1200 W. With new technology  ActiveBlade, the blades move up and down to easily turn the toughest ingredients into the most delicious creations, 40% less effort and covering up to 250% more cutting surface.

Smart speed control

Perfect results by simply pressing a button with Imode technology. 

You can choose from the 3 speed modes depending on the dishes you want to prepare: the low level for the soft ingredients, the high level for the toughest ingredients and Pulse when you want to cut evenly or crush the ice.

You can easily prepare all recipes with one hand, changing the speed in real time, without interruptions, thanks to the Advanced SmartSpeed system.

The Braun blender contains accessories that you can use to prepare a wide range of preparations.

The whisk can be used when you want to prepare homemade mayonnaise or whipped cream.

The hand blender additionally has a mug that facilitates the measurement of ingredients and allows you to mix a larger amount of food.

With the help of the masher, you can quickly and easily prepare a purée with a creamy consistency.

This chopper grinds meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs, vegetables and fruits, in seconds thanks to its 500 ml capacity.

Furthermore, the 2 L food processing attachment offers you the possibility to prepare a variety of recipes thanks to the kneading, chopping, slicing or mincing functions.

Enjoy creamy textures and effortless mixing of even the toughest ingredients

This hand blender is provided with Powerbell Plus technology designed with an additional milling blade for an extra cut per rotation, which mixes and makes purée whole foods in a few seconds, resulting in a creamy and extra fine texture.

Enjoy perfect results without making a mess

Braun's patented Powerbell technology has been designed with SPLASH Control, which prevents food from splashing and has much finer mixing results. You and your kitchen will stay clean and stain-free.

German technology

Quality, reliability and durability, ensured by the German engineering.

Powerful 1200W engine

Preparing a wide range of dishes is much faster and easier thanks to the powerful 1200 W engine, which easily meets even the most difficult culinary challenges.

Advanced SmartSpeed System

By simply pressing a button, the speed will adjust in a second. More comfort and ease of use with the Advanced SmartSpeed system, specially designed to use the blender with one hand, without interrupting the mixing process while adjusting speeds.

Imode Technology

Imode's innovative technology ensures perfect mixing results and ease of use. Choose the right speed to create the recipe you want, choosing from the 3 speed modes: low gear for soft ingredients, high gear for the toughest ingredients and Pulse when you want to evenly cut or crush ice.

Active Power Drive Technology

Equipped with Active PowerDrive technology, the mixer guarantees up to 6 times finer mixing results and up to 60% faster execution. Thus, in a few moments, you can create a wide range of healthy foods, soft drinks or perfect desserts, mixing even the toughest ingredients, e.g., nuts or crushing ice.

Active Blade Technology

The blades integrated in the first ActiveBlade technology move from top to bottom, to shred even the toughest food, with 40%* less effort and covering up to 250% more cutting surface*. *Compared to Braun blenders that are not equipped with ActiveBlade technology.

Powerbell Plus Technology

The vertical blender features the Powerbell Plus system that is similar to a bell, specially designed with an extra shredding blade, for a more efficient grinding process per rotation. This process mixes the preparations in just a few seconds.

SPLASH Control Technology

Enjoy wonderful results without messing up your kitchen, thanks to Splash Control technology and innovative blender features that avoid splashing. The bell-shaped mixing spindle and the unique position of the blades represent the strong point of each blender from Braun.

EasyClick Plus System

The new EasyClick Plus system offers versatility during the preparation of culinary delights. You can attach accessories to the blender much faster, thanks to easy-to-use buttons and intuitive design.

Chopper 500 ml

The product, with a capacity of 500 ml, can mince meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs and carrots, in a few seconds.

2 l food processor

The included food processor, with a capacity of 2 l, is equipped with 3 blade inserts, corresponding to the 3 slicing modes. So, it slices finely or coarsely, slices coarsely, and with the help of the extra hook it kneads the dough quickly. With the help of these inserts, chop, mince and grind even the most hardy vegetables, fruit or cheese. In minutes, you can have smooth dough for homemade pizza or crusty bread, so hard to knead by hand. The included accessories for kneading, coarse slicing, and fine marbling will be a real help in your kitchen.

Slicing accessories

These accessories will help you to slice fine, coarse or julienne all foods used in your desired preparations.

Kneading accessory

This processor accessory will take the effort out of kneading bread, cookie or cake dough. Easy to use, the accessory will knead any type of dough and give it the much desired texture.

Mincing accessory

Chop and grind even the toughest vegetables, fruit or cheeses.

Masher accessory

Make a creamy smoothie quickly and easily with the masher accessory included in the blender box.

 Accessory for French fries

Make quick and easy French fries using the special potato accessory at the touch of a button.

Whisk for mixing

A professional whisk will help you easily prepare dishes, garnishes, homemade pastries or delicious desserts. Made from stainless steel, it is unparalleled when it comes to the beating of egg whites, creams or the preparation of fluffy desserts. It beats evenly, airing the mixture, giving it a light and fluffy texture.

Plastic mug 600 ml without BPA

The blender has included in the package a mug made from plastic free of BPA, with measurements, with a capacity of 600 ml, in which you can efficiently prepare mashed food, obtaining soups, smoothie and many other delicious dishes.

Components compatible with the dishwasher

Maintenance and cleaning processes are essential to the use of the blender. Thus, you can insert its components in the dishwasher, according to the instructions presented in the user manual.

Code RO0X22111376
Brand Braun
Category Hand blenders
Range Hand blenders - Braun
Power 1200 W
Colour Black
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews