Hot air Aerofryer XL fryer, 3.2 l, 1400 W - Princess brand

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Product description

The Aerofryer XL fryerPrincess brand, makes it possible to fry, bake, cook and putting to rotisserie healthy dishes for the whole family. Its capacity of 3.2 l will give the opportunity to cook 5 servings of delicious and crispy fries in one use. Thanks to the digital screen and the 7 pre-programmed settings, preparing the dishes in this fryer is quick and easy. This type of fryer is the ideal solution for evenings when you want to serve tasty, as well as healthy types of foods.

The unique combination between the circulation of hot air and the perfect temperature makes the Aerofryer XL fryerPrincess brand, to be able not just to fry food, but also to bake it, to prepare it as on grill and to roast it to rotisserie. Due to the air circulation at high speed, it will not be necessary to use not even one drop of oil and there will be no need to worry about unpleasant odours. The same flavour you are used to, but much healthier and handy.

Serving the food cooked in the removable container of the fryer is easy and safe thanks to the handle. The removable container coated in an anti-adhesive layer of the fryer will allow an easy cleaning. The fryer also has a grill with removable stainless steel feet to prepare pizza.

Thanks to the non-slip feet, the fryer will remain stable on any surface and will not fall or slip very easily from the surfaces. Another protection measure is against overheating, so that the appliance does not become too hot. This fryer will become the favourite home appliance for preparing delicious and healthy foods.

Don't know the ideal temperature or cooking time of the fryer? The fryer has 7 pre-programmed settings that you can activate by a simple push of a button. If you want to use your own temperature and time settings, you can use the digital control panel with integrated, highly intuitive timer. Thus, you will be able to prepare meatballs, croquettes or quiché.

Cooking in the fryer will require very little or no oil and due to the hot air circulation you will be able to cook potatoes, meat, fish and vegetables. It is recommended that, when preparing fresh potatoes (not frozen), to add a tablespoon of oil for them to become crispy. The fryer can even heat various dishes without drying them as it happens to them in the microwave.

Appliance features

  • Power: 1400 W;
  • Temperature range: between 80 °C and 200 °C;
  • Volume: 3.2 l;
  • Stopwatch function: 60 minutes;
  • Control panel: digital;
  • LCD screen;
  • Pre-programmed settings: 7;
  • The fryer emits a sound signal at the end of the cooking time;
  • Oil-free frying;
  • Frying container with handle;
  • Removable frying container;
  • Non-slip feet.

Code 0118202101001
Brand Princess
Category Hot air fryers
Range Fryers - Princess
Capacity 3.2 L
Power 1400 W
Warranty 2 years
Colour Black
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