"Superior" fryer 3 l, 3200 W - Princess brand

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Product description

The Superior fryer by the Princess brand is the ideal appliance if you want a dish such as "fish&chips" as soon as possible. In just 5 minutes, the oil will be hot, thanks to its outstanding power of 3200 W. You won't have to worry about the small pieces of food that get burned, thanks to the "cool zone" technology and the innovative protective filter that prevents splashing with hot oil or burning cooked foods. The filter can also be used to keep the oil clean for longer.

You won't have to worry about droplets of oil spattered through the kitchen or smoke and odor. And you won't have to worry about changing the oil too often either, because the fryer has a technology called "cool zone" - this ensures a colder area in the lower part of the fryer tub where small fragments of food reach, thus preventing the accelerated burning of the oil.

You definitely noticed that, when frying frozen foods, the oil begins to "jump". This aspect is caused by water coming from the defrosting of food. The Superior fryer by the Princess brand has an innovative filter for your protection, which distributes the water droplets so that the oil does not make bubbles and to not jump. This way, your hands and the kitchen countertop will be safe.

The Superior fryer by the Princess brand is specially designed to guarantee you as much safety as possible when using it. The frying basket can be secured on the inside of the fryer, so that the oil drains from the chips you are preparing, this way, the hot oil will not leak near the casing of the appliance. The fryer also has a protection against overheating and the basket is made of stainless steel to withstand very high temperatures.

The lid has a built-in filter that retains all the unpleasant odors and they will not persist in your home. The lid has a transparent area through which you can observe the cooking process without having to remove the lid. 

The oil container is made of stainless steel and is removable, which makes it easy to both clean and change the oil.

All the parts of the fryer are removable and most of them can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The handle of the frying basket is foldable to be able to store and clean the basket more easily.

Appliance features

  • Power: 3200 W;
  • Dimensions: 51 x 29.5 x 27 cm;
  • Volume: 3 l;
  • Temperature degrees: up to 190°C;
  • Adjustable thermostat;
  • Material of the cooking compartment: stainless steel;
  • Removable frying container;
  • "Cool zone" technology;
  • Filter for safety and oil cleaning;
  • Power cord storage system;
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable components;
  • Parts of the fryer can be safely washed in dishwasher;
  • The handle of the frying basket is removable.
Code 0118300101050
Brand Princess
Category Oil fryers
Range Fryers - Princess
Power 3200 W
Warranty 2 years
Only registered users who have purchased the product can write reviews