Hot air fryer, 5.6L/1700W, Vortex Plus Clearcook - Instant Pot

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Product description

Now, with the new Vortex Plus 6 ClearCook hot air fryer, Instant Pot brand, you can check the cooking status without opening the basket. The innovative transparent window works with a perfectly placed light inside, so you can watch exactly how your food is cooking - whatever function you use. Fry, bake, brown, dehydrate or reheat up to 6 servings in one appliance with a large basket, with space for 1 kg of fries or a 1.8 kg chicken.

Visibility above all: The revolutionary concept of this hot air fryer is the special glass through which you can see inside the basket, so you can watch in real time how your ingredients turn into delicious meals.

Oil becomes history - EvenCrisp technology: the revolutionary Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook fryer requires up to 95% less oil to cook than traditional frying methods.

Revolutionary hot air distribution system: the new hot air distribution system ensures even dispersion, cooking perfectly and thoroughly, and the crispy and delicious crust will meet the requirements of most demanding gourmets. Temperature can be adjusted in the range 35°C-205°C, any kind of ingredient can be cooked in almost any form, the flexibility it offers the user is huge. The Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook takes very little time to reach the optimum cooking temperature which saves you the long waiting times of other appliances.

Simplified control system, easy cleaning: The 6 preset programs provide quick access to the fryer's top performance, but the appliance allows you to customize how functions and options are managed. Containers are made of quality, non-stick materials that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, so the effort to clean parts is minimal. The appliance benefits from multiple protection systems, so it is 100% safe for you and your family!

Futuristic design: the Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook fryer looks as good as it cooks, its ergonomic shape and ingenious finishes in premium materials turn this appliance into a modern object that will fit perfectly into any kitchen.

Technical specifications:
Power: 1700 W;
5.6 L;
Number of functions: 6 preset, customizable functions;
Temperature range: 35°C-205°C;
Safety systems: 2;
Dimensions: 39 × 30 × 33 cm.

Code 140309701
Brand Instant Pot
Category Hot air fryers
Capacity 5.6 L
Power 1700 W
Colour Black
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