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In Europe, the history of pasta began in the 13th century, in Italy, when it is said that they were brought by Marco Polo from the Far East. 

Nowadays, the Italian pasta having different shapes, sizes and colors are the reference standard in restaurants around the world, being a tasty, nutritional and refined dish.

Thanks to technological innovation, with a reliable help in the kitchen, you no longer need to travel far from home to enjoy a serving of exemplarily prepared pasta because the best pasta will be the ones you prepare at home!

This help is called the Imperia pasta making machine.

Being part of the quality products of the Imperia company that has an experience of over 80 years, started in Italy in 1932, the pasta making machine is easy to use and resistant to intensive use, due to the designing manner and the material from which the product is made (chrome-plated steel).

This machine has settings for obtaining dough in 6 different thicknesses and comes bundled with the Duplex T.2/4 accessory with the help of which you can prepare two types of pasta: tagliatelle (2 mm wide) and fettuccine (6.5 mm wide).

This pasta making machine is versatile and you can buy other accessories separately, in our stores, in order to prepare various types of pasta (round spaghetti, noodles, capelli d'angelo, trenette, lasagna, pappardelle, reginette frastagliate, raviolini, ravioli, cavatelli, gnocchi and rigatelli), enjoying a wide range of fresh homemade pasta.

Moreover, for you to prepare the best homemade pasta, the Imperia pasta making machine can be used together with the Pasta Facile electric engine identified by code 600. 

Maximum width of the pasta sheet obtained: 140 mm.

Size: 160 x 185 x 205 mm.

Code 100
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