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Product description

Knife sharpener provided with 3 blade sharpening modules and 1 scissors sharpening slot, Zokura brand

Knife sharpening

Place the sharpener on a flat work surface. Hold the sharpener with one hand and the knife handle with the other. Insert the knife blade completely into the slot at a 90° angle to the sharpener. Apply gentle downward pressure on the blade as you run the knife through the sharpening slot all the way to the tip. 5-7 repetitions are necessary depending on the blade of the knife.

The sharpener has three slots, pass the knife blade through each slot, starting with the coarse slot to the fine slot.

Slot 1 Diamond-coated blades (preparatory) – Repair damaged edges and balance the blade before the actual sharpening.

Slot 2 Carbide blades (sharpening) – Sharpen the blade and restore its shape to a V cut.

Slot 3 Ceramic blades (polishing) - Remove burrs and polish the blade.

Scissors sharpening
Place the scissors in the corresponding slot, slide the scissors blade from tip to handle and repeat the movement as many times as necessary.

Care and storage
Clean the sharpener with a damp cloth or a soft brush. Do not rinse with water.

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