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The NSF-certified Chef's Choice Model 2100 knife sharpener is the perfect solution for the fast sharpening of straight-blade and serrated-blade knives, in 3 stages of sharpening.

Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Model 2100 electric 3-stage sharpener is quick and easy to use, the result being a sharp blade that lasts a long time. The unique sharpening process of Model 2100 can create an edge with a so-called "bite" for effective cutting of fibrous vegetables or a fine edge for precise cutting and slicing.

The Chef's Choice 2100 knife sharpener is incredibly fast and can sharpen from kitchen knives and hunting knives to pocket knives. Sharpening takes less than 1 minute, and the knife blade will last 3 times longer, thanks to the patented 3-stage technology that will shape up a Trizor-Plus™-type blade.

The built-in high-precision angle guides ensure the right sharpening angle, making it easier to use than any other sharpener.

Additionally, the unit along with the sharpening module, including the abrasive discs and guides, can be easily removed for cleaning and sanitizing and can be cleaned by hand or in a commercial dishwasher. Model 2100 is fitted with a space that keeps the polishing discs clean and free of any particles.

This revolutionary knife sharpener was developed specifically for commercial use in restaurants, hotels and food store chains. The device is very cost-effective because it sharpens knives fast, the knife blade maintains sharp for a long time (thus prolonging the time until resharpening) and helps to extend the service life of quality knives.

Trizor-Plus™ edge: This type of edge results from the use of the 3 sharpening stages and is a arch-type edge, which has resistance to bending and remains sharp 3 times longer than the V-shaped edges.

This special edge combines fine sharpening with lateral sharpening by micro-grooved facets. The micro-grooves along the edges facets, combined with the polished edge, provide a sharpening that cuts better and more evenly, by distributing the cutting load, therefore, the blade edge stays sharp for a long time.

The conical rotating discs in Stages 1 and 2 have 100% abrasive diamonds to sharpen and to hone the edge. The rotary tapered flexible disc in Stage 3 - grinding stage - is made of a flexible abrasive material.

Stage 1: is the first sharpening stage. The 100% abrasive diamond-plated tapered rotating discs remove knife's weak edge and create extremely fine "micro-grooves" on the sides of both edges of the knife, creating the first angle of the arch-shaped edge at a total angle of about 40⁰.

Stage 2: Even finer abrasive discs shape up the second inclination of the arch-shaped edge, simultaneously forming even finer “micro-grooves”.

Stage 3: This is the grinding stage when the ultra-fine precision discs, set at a third angle, slightly larger, polish and grind the facets immediately adjacent to the blade, creating the third micro-angle. The cutting edge gets smooth and super polished edge, having microscopic thickness and an amazing sharpness.

Stage 3 is also used to sharpen serrated knives. The ultra-fine flexible grinding disc straightens the distorted teeth with serrated edges and accentuates each protruding tooth, so that it becomes a very sharp "micro-blade".

In all 3 stages, the flexible spring keeps the knives safe and accurate, to ensure perfect control of the sharpening angle each time the blade passes through the device.

The EdgeSelect® technology: the advantage of EdgeSelect® is that the user can customize the blade edge to provide optimal performance, depending on the type of food to be cut. For example, when cutting fibrous foods, such as pumpkin or fiber-rich meat, the user may choose knife sharpening in Stage 1 followed by Stage 3 so that the blade can better cut through the hard fibers.

Or the user can sharpen the knife in all the 3 stages, grinding the ultra-fine edge, in order to be able to cut more delicate ingredients such as fish fillet or to slice salmon.

Dimensions: 31 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm.

Code 02100M8
Brand Chef's Choice
Category Knife sharpening
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