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Product description

The 15° Asian knife sharpening module is specially designed to achieve a superior (just like from the factory) quality edge for all Asian style knives. Can be used on the Chef'sChoice® Commercial EdgeSelect® Diamond Hone® Model 2100 electric sharpener for Asian-style blades and any other metal knives with a 15° sharp edge.

Having three sharpening stages, the device allows for precise sharpening to be achieved depending on the use of the knives. Each sharpening stage has a precise role and must be carried out properly so that the knife's blade is well sharpened, modelled and sanded, creating a Trizor® type blade. Trizor® is a patented Chef'sChoice® 3-stage sharpening system that creates a burr-free triple edge that will stay sharp for longer than conventionally sharpened knives).

The 15° Euro/American knife sharpening module is designed to sharpen household knives (chef's knife, Santoku knife, bread box, knife for fine slicing), pocket knives and certain hunting knives. Do not attempt to sharpen scissors, axe blades or any blade that does not fit easily and loosely into the slots.

In Stage 1 (sharpening), the abrasive diamonds will sharpen the blade, creating micro-slots along the facets on either side of the edge.

Stage 2 (modelling), which is provided with much finer diamonds, establishes a second, more defined inclination on the facets, a few degrees greater than the inclination developed in Stage 1.

In Stage 3 (sanding), the ultra-fine precision discs, set at a third, slightly higher angle, polish and grind the facets immediately adjacent to the blade, creating the third micro-inclination and establishing a microscopically thick edge for the blade. The edge of the blade is thus straight and super-polished.

Serrated blades can also be sharpened using only the last step. Use only the last step to avoid the removal of too much material from the serrations.

Always make sure that the knife blade has been thoroughly cleaned before starting the sharpening process.

The complete sharpening process for a knife with a 20 cm blade takes about 1.5 minutes, and for knives with shorter or longer blades it may take less or more time. Once knives have been sharpened using the 15° Asian Style Knife Sharpening Module, re-sharpening takes less than 1 minute.

The downward movement of the blade in each of the slots is controlled by a blade stop plate that positions the knife blade optimally and safely when touching the abrasive discs without damaging the sharp edge that forms. The device therefore allows an effortless and safe manoeuvring.

The sharpening module is equipped with rails and this allows the quick removal or fitting to the Chef'sChoice® Commercial EdgeSelect® Diamond Hone® Model 2100 electric sharpener.

The sharpener module is easily removable, allowing for efficient cleaning whenever needed, whether done by hand or in a commercial dishwasher.

The sharpener will only be maintained by manual cleaning with a damp cloth.

Code 021300
Brand Chef's Choice
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