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Product description

Chef's Choice® Model 316 knife sharpener with 2 sharpening stages, suitable for sharpening contemporary Asian-style knives, Chinese-style knives and traditional slim Japanese blades, as well as contemporary European/American-style knives with 15-degree precision.

Sharpening stages

1. The first stage refines each part of the blade with a fine 100% diamond abrasive disc.

2. The second stage polishes the blade edge using 100% diamond ultra-fine abrasive discs. In both stage 1 and stage 2, the left and right sides of the blade are sharpened separately, allowing the user to refine and polish traditional Japanese blades.

Contemporary Japanese blades, Chinese knives and European-style knives should be polished and grinded on both sides of the blade. The traditional Japanese blade with one edge should be polished and grinded mainly on the front side of the edge, which has a larger opening.

Features of sharpener:

- Using high-precision elastomeric angle guides, model 316 will provide users with a reliable sharpening method that guarantees a quality edge similar to the one coming out of the factory, within minutes.
- Thin, sharp edges for effortless cutting of foods.
- 2-stage diamond sharpening for stronger edges and faster results - sharpening and polishing.
- Precision guidings for sharpening at 15 degrees.
- Ultra-fine diamond re-sharpening - the knife blade lasts longer.
- For single-sided or double-sided blades.
- Designed for slim knives with a 15-degree edge in European/American style.
- The device can sharpen both straight-edged and fine-edged knives.

Sharpening features:

Number of sharpening stages: 2;

Disc material: 100% diamond abrasive discs;

Sharpening of both fine-edged knives and serrated knives: Yes

Resulting edge angle: 15 degrees;

Pre-sharpening stage: No;

Sharpening stage: Yes;

Polishing stage: Yes;

Steeling stage: No;

Time required for sharpening: about 1-2 minutes at the first sharpening;

Time required for resharpening: about 15-30 seconds.

Code 03160M0
Brand Chef's Choice
Category Knife sharpening
Colour Black
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