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Product description

Small and powerful, this Chef's Choice manual knife sharpener with 2 stages of sharpening creates a sharp and durable blade edge.

Sharpen quickly and easily straight-edged knives using shapening elements made of tungsten carbide and high-quality ceramics. The device is lightweight, compact and can be easily stored in a drawer, in glove compartment or backpack. You can sharpen and smoothen kitchen knives, hunting knives and pocket knives using the two-stage sharpening system with easy-to-use guides. The second stage can also be used for rectification and retouching the knife blades.

Featuring a "Soft Touch" handle for a comfortable and secure gripping, the 476 model can be comfortably used by both left-handed and right-handed people.


- This device sharpens straight-edged knives quickly and easily.
- Sharpening elements made of tungsten carbide and high-quality ceramics.
- Lightweight and compact device: easy to store in a drawer, box or backpack.
- 2 stages: sharpening and grinding for superior sharpness and durable edge.
- Device suitable for sharpening kitchen knives, hunting knives and pocket knives.
- The product can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.
- "Soft Touch" handle.

Sharpening characteristics:

Number of stages of sharpening: 2;

Sharpening elements: tungsten carbide;

The device sharpens only smooth-edged knives;

Resulting edge angle: 20 degrees;

Sharpening technology: elements made of tungsten carbides and ceramics;

Handle type: straight.

Code 4766201
Brand Chef's Choice
Category Knife sharpening
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