Diamond Hone® EdgeSelect® Model 120 electric knife sharpener - Chef's Choice brand

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Product description

Professional chefs around the world have been relying on Chef's Choice® Diamond Hone® knife sharpeners for many years to maintain the performance of their favorite knives with Trizor®-type blades. By using Chef's Choice® Diamond Hone® EdgeSelect® Model 120, you will enjoy professional results by easily preparing dishes using knives that have amazing sharpness and durability.

Diamond Hone® EdgeSelect® Model 120 electric knife sharpener can be used for sharpening at 20˚ angle of various knife blades, depending on utility, such as food preparation, fish slicing or in butchers' shops. The device can create Trizor®Plus-type cutting edges (a patented Chef's Choice® 3-stage sharpening system that creates burr-free triple edge that will stay sharp for longer than in the case of conventionally sharpened knives).

The device is provided with three 3 sharpening stages, two of which are conical for a precise modeling, which is achieved thanks to the 100% abrasive diamond, and one polishing / grinding stage that is done using flexible abrasive discs.

Model 120 is designed to sharpen domestic use knives, pocket knives and certain sports knives. Do not attempt to introduce in view of sharpening scissors, ax blades or any blades that do not fit freely into the slots.

Serrated blades shall be sharpened exclusively in Stage 3 so as not to remove more metal from teeth than needed.

Always make sure that the knife blade is thoroughly cleaned before sharpening.

Stage (sharpening) is fitted with fine diamond conical discs that create microgrooves along the facets on each side of the edge, establishing the first angle of the Trizor®-type edge.

In Stage (modeling), fine micro-grooves are created along the facets immediately adjacent to the edge by even finer diamond discs, as they create a second well-defined angle on facets, which is a few degrees larger than the angle created in Stage 1.

In Stage 3 (grinding), the ultra-fine precision discs are set at a third, slightly larger angle. The discs polish and sand the facets adjacent to the blade, creating a third micro-angle and an edge of microscopic thickness, straight and super polished, with an amazing sharpness.

The complete sharpening process for a 20 cm blade knife takes about 1 minute and, for knives with shorter or longer blades, it can take more or less time. Once the knives have been sharpened using the Model 120, resharpening takes less than 10 seconds.

The device is precise and safe, each sharpening slot being fitted with flexible springs above the sharpening discs to keep the knife blade safe from incorrect guides.

The Diamond Hone® EdgeSelect® Model 120 knife sharpener is fitted with built-in diamond cleaning accessory that can be used, if necessary, to clean any food remnants or sharpening residue from the surface of the polishing / grinding discs resulted in Stage 3.

Use a damp cloth to clean the sharpener.

Code 0120840
Brand Chef's Choice
Category Knife sharpening
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